Barry Jerebker

Broker Associate

I have been a Realtor now since 2003 and have helped so many buyers and sellers accomplish their real estate goals. I take pride in knowing that I have served them at a high level, and feel fortunate to have made the personal and professional connections with my clients. Real estate transactions are typically much more than business transactions and the human element of housing decisions can become stressful. It is in dealing with these tough decisions that involve so much emotion where I feel my greatest impact as an agent is.


I pride myself on the continuous pursuit of market knowledge, as I feel this is what best prepares me to help my clients make the best decisions possible.


Keeping up with the ever changing housing landscape in Denver can be challenging, but I am a housing enthusiast so I keep at it. I surround myself with great professionals in the lending and title businesses and make sure that my clients always have the resources they need to make informed choices. Most of all I conduct my business with the ethics and professionalism that my clients deserve. They put their faith in me to guide them in purchasing or selling what, for most, is their largest financial asset. I take that as a huge responsibility, one that must be met with a high level of skill and care.

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