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Bronchial asthma concept, symptoms, treatment.


Bronchial asthma: concept, symptoms, treatment | diseases

Bronchial asthma is a chronic inflammation of the airways leading to obstruction (narrowing) of the lumen of the bronchi. Attacks are accompanied by a cough, can turn into suffocation. Bronchial asthma develops due to the action of specific immunological and non-specific factors. If an allergen or irritant enters the respiratory tract (tobacco smoke, various chemicals), bronchial obstruction occurs and mucus is produced in large quantities.


asthma concept

Patients with an attack of bronchial asthma experience mit unseren app diten zum abnehmen verlieren sie muscle shortness of breath (mostly expiratory), sometimes passing into suffocation; dry cough, which at the end over the counter entrenador personal nacho villalba of the attack can become wet; wheezing, arising due to increased air passage through the narrowed bronchi. With the progression of respiratory failure, acrocyanosis develops, locally the skin acquires a blue tint. With a prolonged attack, dizziness may occur.

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Treatment has two directions – stopping the attack and preventing the occurrence of attacks. For the first, inhalers or are used – nebulizers, inside which one or more drugs from the following groups: b2-adrenergic agonists (Salbutamol, Ventolin), anticholinergics (Spiriva, Atrovent), glucocorticosteroids (Beclazone, Flixotide). Medicines for asthma are presented in injectable and tablet forms: xanthines (Neophyllinum, Theophyllineum), monoclonal antibodies, leukotriene antagonists and glucocorticosteroids.

Complications of asthma are acute and chronic.

Acute include:

• spontaneous pneumothorax – the exit of fluid from the lung capsule as a result of increased pressure in it;

asthmatic status – a difficult stopping attack of suffocation, which requires prompt medical medical willy hue gastronomie en fitness door alfonso attention;

• atelectasis of the lung – a decrease in part of the lung, as there is blockage of the bronchi with thick mucus;

• rapidly progressive respiratory failure – a sharp decrease in the amount of oxygen entering the lungs;

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• joining a secondary infection.

Bronchial asthma

Chronic complications are less progressive, do not require quick medical intervention. They develop more often and are found in almost every asthmatic.

One of the common chronic complications of asthma is pulmonary emphysema (hyperventilation). This condition is not treated, the development of the process can be stopped.

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Due to the long-term use of glucocorticosteroids, gastrointestinal complications develop – gastritis, peptic ulcer and duodenal ulcer.

As a result of asthma attacks, oxygen starvation occurs, to which the brain is extremely sensitive. As a result, a formidable complication develops – respiratory encephalopathy.

We must not forget about metabolic disorders. Potassium in the blood decreases (arrhythmias occur, blood coagulation decreases). Hypercapnia, metabolic acidosis develops o que acontece conosco no ginsio.

Bronchial asthma concept


To reduce the risk of developing the disease, it is necessary to: follow the rules of personal hygiene, eliminate or reduce contact with possible allergens, do not smoke or stay close to smokers, and quickly treat respiratory infections.